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15 February 2012

physical description


07 February 2012

site du cned

24 January 2012

prepositions of place

Mr Mason wants a new house

08 January 2012

act 2 scene 4

act 2 scene 4
Sharon: Look at these wigs. I like them. They’re so funny!
Rob: And look at the Dracula mask. It’s scary.
Sharon: How much is it?
Rob: I don’t know. Let’s ask.
Salesperson: Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Rob: How much are the masks, please?
Salesperson: £2. They’re quite cheap.
Sharon: What about the wigs and the red noses?
Salesperson: They’re only £2.50, and the red noses are £1.25. Very cheap.
Rob: Well, I want the Dracula mask, please.
 Sharon: And can I have the red wig, please?
Salesperson: So £2 and £2.50 are £4.50. Very cheap.
Rob: Cheap for you! Expensive for us!

05 January 2012

un site d'activités autour de l'anglais

le pluriel
(une fois l'exercice terminé, passez au suivant en cliquant sur le flèche droite)

les articles

un second site :

act 2 scene 3

act 2 scene 3

05 December 2011

Act 2 scene 2


16 November 2011




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